Welcome to Tasmanian Wild Abalone Tours

      If you are interested in all things Abalone you have come to the right place! We offer personalised Abalone experiences and tours in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. All our adventures take place on the North West Coast of Tasmania, an area of the world incomparable in its wild and rugged beauty. We are a boutique guiding company on the picturesque north-west of the island state Tasmania. We are a family owned company specialising in unique and personal fully guided tours. We can give you an experience of a life-time, catching fresh Abalone from pure unadulterated waters and show you new and exciting ways of preparing and eating your catch. Safety is our number one priority at Tasmanian Wild Abalone Tours. We have experienced guides that put your safety first. Our guides are very experienced and combined have spent over 30 years diving, snorkeling and participating in extreme cold water adventure activities. We know about how to be comfortable in the wild environments where we will be finding Wild Abalone